Core Values of Covenant Heart International

CHIM is well classified by its entirety to upholding its core values, thereby emitting to the charitable circle a service work ethic that is divine in purpose all to the transformation of lives in our various operational communities.

Covenant Heart International Missions values the heart that generates love for the deprived community, we value a heart for transforming a nation, thus we are heart-pressed towards Christian evangelical work, educating a child, touching a community and advocating for an incapacitated global society. Thus we uphold in high esteem the following;


CHIM is primarily simple to the core, depicting its exemplary inspiration from the person of Jesus the role model of all humanity, sequencing from love, meekness and a controversial yet positive and effectual attitude towards the message of liberation of the afflicted, poor, hopeless, broken hearted and futureless to whole ground elevations of life. We as a team have lived, walked and seen lives in countless levels of affliction and starvation ranging from individual street children to a deplorable society, with nothing to offer was our remedy to the deprived, totally nothing to share with our beloved living in times of tumult was our answer, thus this platform has created for us a realm and arena to stretch forth a hand, coated with a fervent spirit of love with sleepless night of prayer and divine pioneered days to see lives not only one but a voluminous number to be transformed to the mission-code of Jesus. “A life changed is our humble and desired pride as the Covenant Heart International Missions team.”

Our Organizational Partners

To learn about becoming a partner, contact us: covenantheartinternational@gmail.com or +260770998434