Our Humanitarian Operations

Project Operations

In a credible drive to promote development, transformation, hope and sustainability in the communities we are priviledged to serve, the ministry of CHIM under it's humanitarian programs, has various operations that focus on achieving the ministerial goals, mission and vision. Such operations remain to be the steps to attaining our short and long term plans in our strategic missionary blue-print.
• Global Hope Programs
• Educate One Programs
• Community Touch Programs
• Father’s Touch Programs
• Community Touch (CT)
• Student Kit (SK)
• Heart of Hope (HOH)
• BuildCare (BC)
• Father's Gift (FG)
• Youth Arise & Shine (YAS)
• Family Life (FL)
• Community Empowerment (CE)

Share your hearty donation

By gifting the help to the vulnerable children and communities that need it the most.
We heartily welcome new ministerial partners, appreciate your gifts and gratefully
accept your aid as we increase the statistics of children and communities we can godly serve.

Our Organizational Partners

To learn about becoming a partner, contact us: covenantheartinternational@gmail.com or +260770998434